Cosmetic packaging materials: specific applications of cosmetic packaging materials

2021-04-29 10:28:12 嘉兴市腾翔塑业有限公司 Viewd 710

The personalized packaging of cosmetic packaging materials will increase the influence of the product, and the packaging may also add luster to a very ordinary product and affect the development of the market. Next, Shiyotang Daily Chemical Packaging Products will introduce the specific application of cosmetic packaging materials.

Cosmetic packaging materials are divided into inner packaging materials and outsourcing materials. The overall cosmetic packaging materials usually provide drawings or general requirements from cosmetic manufacturers, and they are completely produced by the packaging material manufacturers. However, some cosmetic packaging materials need to be divided into more subtle, more specific situations and needs, divided into partial printing, bottle packaging materials, and bottle body packaging materials.

There are glass cosmetic packaging materials, and glass is used for cream bottles, essences (glass body + plastic pump head or anodized aluminum pump head), toner. Essential oil bottles (glass bottle body + inner plug + large cap or plastic dripper + dropper + anodized aluminum cap), cosmetic packaging material glass bottle body needs to be sprayed with transparent bottles, frosted bottles, colored bottles, and white porcelain bottles and Essential oil bottles are not commonly used in colors, but the order quantity is high.

There are also plastic packaging materials for cosmetics. Plastic is used for hoses (hose + outer cap/PE plastic used for hoses), cream bottle blowing, essence bottle, water bottle, pump head, outer cap, and plastic bottle body directly The production of plastic products is colored, colored and multi-purpose, and transparent is less used. Printing has silk screen and offset printing, as well as hot stamping and hot silver.

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