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Cosmetic packaging: Nowadays, cosmetic packaging is getting more and more attention. With the rise of the beauty economy, cosmetics brands are paying more and more attention to appearance packaging. Even many brands have tried their best to make gimmicks on appearance packaging every time they launch a new product. But what are the consequences of this phenomenon? Maybe after changing to more exquisite and dazzling packaging, because too much cost was spent on packaging, it reduced the quality expenditure and caused problems in the quality of cosmetics.

A common problem in the cosmetics market today is that packaging is greater than quality.

A good cosmetic packaging is not simply to pursue the beauty and uniqueness of the appearance, but to create a form that is more suitable for the brand and market characteristics from the characteristics of the product and the needs of consumers. The knowledge of cosmetic packaging is indispensable. Today, the editor will take you to understand the knowledge of cosmetic packaging?

1. Value integration needs

In many cosmetic brands, when designing the outer packaging of the product, it often sacrifices practicality to increase the value. For example, in order to make the packaging look more atmospheric, some products use an open bottle design, and the bottle mouth is oversized, which can cause inconvenience to consumers when compared with mineral water bottles. Once the dumping angle is too large, it will "fall down", which is very wasteful.

Some liquid foundations, in pursuit of external beauty, have not even designed a pump! When consumers use it, they must pour it out. It is very difficult and inconvenient to pour out the exact usage amount.

Therefore, the packaging design of cosmetics also needs to be combined with convenience. The packaging design of a certain brand of rose bud water follows this concept. This flower bud water looks like a large capsule and is of high value. It also uses a design that can evenly spread the material on the bottle holder by pressing it down, which is not only more hygienic, but also very convenient to take.

2. The development trend of cosmetic packaging is environmentally friendly design

Not long ago, the editor reported that some products failed due to the packaging gap too large. One problem in the cosmetics industry has always been excessive packaging. In order to package gorgeously, many brands usually use oversized packaging when designing gift boxes, which will aggravate environmental pollution.

I believe many women deeply understand that many of the cosmetic bottles and jars that are usually used up are reluctant to throw away, but the dressing table can’t fit. In this case, recyclable cosmetic packaging becomes necessary. It can not only reduce environmental pollution, but also reduce waste and realize waste utilization.

There is no doubt that more and more consumers and brands are focusing their products on environmental protection, green and sustainable development. "Sustainable production, environmental awareness and ethical restraint" will become an important trend in the development of the beauty industry.

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