Why cosmetic tubes are popular

2021-05-08 14:16:03 嘉兴市腾翔塑业有限公司 Viewd 673

Nowadays, cosmetic tubes are loved by more and more people. Cosmetic tubes are lightweight, portable, durable and recyclable. They are also favored by many cosmetic manufacturers and many businesses.

The cosmetic tube has barrier properties. The aluminum foil of the cosmetic tube has good light barrier properties, oxygen barrier properties and water barrier properties. At the same time, the cosmetic tube can prevent external substances from intruding into the cosmetics and prevent the cosmetics from oxidizing and deteriorating. The cosmetic tube can also prevent the loss of moisture inside the cosmetics, the emission of fragrances, and the volatilization of oils, so as to ensure the quality of the cosmetics.

Secondly, the cost of cosmetic hose is not high. Cosmetic tubes are basically aluminum-plastic composite tubes. Compared with other full-plastic conformal tubes, aluminum-plastic composite tubes use less materials, so they are more economically advantageous.

The cosmetic tube has good printability. The cosmetic tube has good adaptability to processing and printing. It uses dry offset printing, and this printing ink has strong adhesion and is not easy to fade.

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