Specific material characteristics of cosmetic tube

2021-05-08 14:15:39 嘉兴市腾翔塑业有限公司 Viewd 758

Cosmetic tubes are not only easier to print than other packaging materials, but are also widely used for their high quality, strong durability, recycling, good flexibility, easy extrusion processing, and strong adaptability. This time, Shiyotang Daily Chemicals packaging supplies introduces the specific material characteristics of cosmetic tubes.

Compared with aluminum-plastic composite tubes, cosmetic hoses use economical and easy-to-recycle vegan plates, which reduces environmental pollution caused by packaging waste.

Secondly, the cosmetic tube is made of colorless, transparent, colored transparent, opaque and other colors, which can bring strong visual enjoyment to consumers. Especially the transparent cosmetic tube can clearly see the color status of the contents, which greatly promotes the purchase of consumers.

In addition, the resilience of the cosmetic tube is good. After the cosmetics are squeezed out, the cosmetic tube will quickly return to its original shape and always maintain a beautiful and regular shape. This is very important for cosmetic packaging. Cosmetic tubes combine different properties and types of raw materials. Cosmetic tubes should be used to package fast-consuming cosmetics that require high appearance and low actual performance requirements.

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